In the beginning.

I plan to share some of my experiences with you here in this space. Experiences that pertain to art and to creativity, to beginnings, to process, and to ends, to pauses and then again, to new beginnings.

I am an artist. I paint, draw and make prints. And I make masks. I will share some of my work and my studio time with you. I will also share the story of the above photo, it is a creative adventure of sorts.

I live in Phoenix, Arizona.  I am a part of a very new, and thriving creative community. I will share work, photos, happenings.
I teach Drawing 1 and 2 at Phoenix College. I will share my students work, especially because most of my students really are at the very beginning, just starting out. Although, I know, some of them don’t like to see it that way.
In a few days this country will have elected a new president.  We are, in America, in the midst of change, certainly a new beginning is coming. I will write about it as well.

I am also a runner and a Yogi. Running keeps me grounded. And Yoga, in particular, has made me aware of how I process.
The Phoenix is the mythical bird of transformation…it is the symbol of change. And it is about this acceptance of constant change that I will write about, the potential for creating and the awareness that can take place in most every act. Hence the “In Phoenix” just under my name at the heading.
In Phoenix, it is a good place to find oneself in….it is ever changing, ever expanding, ever being present and creative.

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