the art of framing

I went to pick up framing this afternoon. Two of my paintings were ready.  The owner greeted me, “Hi Monica, I didn’t know you were here.”
“Hi Bill, I snuck into the gallery” I said, as I walked out of his small exhibition space, Gallery 11.14.

I met Bill just after my first major group exhibition in the valley.  I was invited to participate in the Here and Now: Arizona Contemporary Artists exhibit at the Nelson Fine Arts Center, in 1995.  This is the Arizona State University’s art museum.  A must see for anyone interested in contemporary art. Bill helped me frame my six small works on paper, for that show. I have worked with him ever since.

He has a small gallery in his frame shop and right now he is showing the lithographs and collage work of print maker Wayne Kimball, who teaches at Brigham Young University. There are numerous small works to view. Kimball’s images carry intelligence and humor in the way that only original prints can. The show opened on October 13 and it will run thru November 26th.  Gallery 11.14 is located inside of Bill’s Custom Frames (click on the link for location and hours).

wayne kimball, an emperor and someone's else's horse

wayne kimball, an emperor and someone else’s horse.

I go to Bill’s for framing, but I also enjoy the many exhibits.  I have 2 great c.d. racks, made by Paul, one of his framers who has shown his wood work in the space throughout the years.  They are made from scrap framing…creative and earth conscious.  Custom framing, art, furniture….he sort of has it all at one point or other. It’s worth a regular drop in.

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