no woman is an island

No man is an island entire of itself…. John Donne

My upcoming posts titled, No Woman Is An Island, will be about some of the people who have collected my artwork.  I write about them in appreciation, because they are part of the reason why I can continue to make art.

The first couple that come to mind are Robert and Leah.  They contacted me during the run of my first solo exhibition, élan vital, at the Scottsdale Center for the Arts. They purchased a small mixed-media work on canvas titled Musical Composition.  I delivered the artwork to their home, and met two very eclectic human beings who owned some great art. I do mean great.

My work would hang across a Lee Krasner, around the edge from a Kurt Shwitters , and near a Philip Curtis. Within vicinity was a Cy Twombly. What a dream. What an experience. To see historical work in an intimate space, is exciting, and to hang along side these art works is…crazy. They owned artworks from artists whose work I’d only seen in museums, or read about in art history books. There was so much it hung salon style, filling rooms and walkways. Bob shared some interesting stories about how he’d collected the art.  Many of the artists he’d met in person, in Chicago and New York, when the artists were starting out.

They’d made room, in their dining area, for my painting to hang.

I continue to invite Bob and Leah to art exhibits and lectures and they show up when they’re in town. More recently they came to my studio to pick out two more artworks from a more recent solo, Relationship’s: the ebb and flow.  They took home two works that afternoon.

Resonance, Monica Aissa Martinez


Tuned Circuit, Monica Aissa Martinez

Tuned Circuit

One of my favorite plays is Thornton Wilder’s “Our Town.”  In the final scene Emily returns to her grave site area where the buried dead surrounding her wait for her return. By the time she comes back, she’s accepted her fate.  One time I imagined that I returned to my chair/space where maybe great artists awaited my return.  I rested with a great group of creators.  I don’t know how I had the nerve to have that visual all those years ago. Maybe it was youth. On the day that I delivered the painting to Robert and Leah, that vision became a reality.  I know that my work will sit in the company of the great.  Yes, I’ve seen it.

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