no woman is an island contd.

Ron Nelson purchases four works from the same exhibition, élan vital. I deliver the artwork to his home, out in the desert of Scottsdale.  Ron I learn, is a composer and conductor.   He taught at Brown University, until retiring to Arizona.  I’d visited Brown University…my sister lived in Providence…is all I know to say.

BioRythms, Monica Aissa Martinez


Floating Intelligence, Monica Aissa Martinez

Floating Intelligence

I ask Ron if I can hear a recording of his music, I’m curious. I sit quietly against the edge of his sofa and carefully listen as the sound comes through the speakers and fills the room. I close my eyes to get the full effect. The music makes me think of flying, above a desert. I can see bits of color, reds and corals.

I recall Ron asking about letting my work go…Is it complicated for you?  He compares it to his music, which he always has at his fingertips no matter who purchases and enjoys it. I want my work out in the world, I tell him. I accept letting go of it. It’s part of the deal. We discuss our different forms of art and their value. Interesting conversation to have with someone who makes music.

Alchemical ReAction, Monica Aissa Martinez

Alchemical ReAction

Al Chemical Action, Monica Aissa Martinez

Al Chemical Action

As I set off to leave his home, he hands me his holiday CD.  He tells me he will take good care of my works. I can come and visit them anytime I want, he says.  I giggle at the thought. Does he mean it? I drive away, in my pick up truck, listening to Holidays and Epiphanies by Ron Nelson.

I’m good with leaving my paintings and drawings with Ron.  They’ll live with music. I have had no concerns. Ron and I communicate occasionally. He still drops into my local exhibits.

Ron’s bio and recordings are on his web site.

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