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Kaori Takamura, One Truth

Kaori Takamura, One Truth

Kaori Takamura is a 2007 recipient of a Contemporary Forum Artists Grant. I first saw her work in 2006 at the Steele Pavilion Art Gallery, in the Herberger Theater. I was drawn to her images, which I thought had a very graphic quality. They included large canvases of brightly sewn numbers and letters. Her technique, appeared playful, rich and complex.  In 2008 she had her first solo at eye lounge. 

About the work then Kaori said, You know I paint numbers, which represent ‘direction of life’. In our modern life, we are overwhelmed by so many goods, and things, and information everyday.  You get lost and flounder. My numbers series hints at the viewer to step back to the basics of  life,  to feel the most simple of things, and to experience the zen-like passage of time.


SEWN/Shirt M.I., Kaori Takamura

Her second solo, a new series of works titled The Shirt Shop will open at eye lounge this month.
She speaks of her current work, The Shirt series can be seen as the portraits of individuals’ lives and journeys. The letters, numbers and images used in these works can be seen as the memories of ones life.
And about her process
, I use actual dress patterns to construct each separate part of the work shirts.  I cut and paint each part separately and sew them together afterwards. I also apply selected colored threads which represent life’s tangled thoughts.  
I will be showing my Shirt series with plaster molded shirts, displayed on shelves, like a virtual shirt shop.  

The shirts are stunning to look at, in person. Drop by the gallery and experience them for yourself.
For more about the artists work visit her web-siteKaori lives in Carefree, AZ. 
For directions to the Phoenix gallery and more info about Kaori and her exhibit visit the 
eye lounge web-site . 


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