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Self-Sustaining Confusion

I received a call from Ruben Hernandez, Managing Editor of Latino Perspectives Magazine. He informed me that they were interested in featuring my work in their Rincon de Arte page. Was I interested?

I met Ruben a few years ago, at eye lounge art space.  He introduced himself to me at the opening of my solo “Another Mental Concoction.” He mentioned then, he would like to write about my work. We connected a few times after that to talk about things, and he paid a visit to my studio. He also came to hear me lecture, at Burton Bar last year. 
I catch him now and again at gallery openings. He is out there paying attention.

I like the title he gives the article, Mind matters. Because for me…it does.

Click here  to read, Mind matters, Artist combines intellect, image in her works of art, by Ruben Hernandez.

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