drawing critique


…last class before the Spring break.
The subject matter for this project is very complex. Students learn about texture and structure. And they bring along, from the previous assignment, their understanding of positive and negative space, to create a deliberate composition.

The subject matter are seashells.  Have you ever really taken a long 9 + hours look at sea shells?? Talk about variety of line and shape. Usually this assignment is a turning point for the majority of the students. It requires a different sort of focus and commitment. They are asked to use a magnifying glass.

They also have a homework assignment to complete, following the same instructions but use subject matter of their choice.  The first drawing below is an example of Mike’s outside assignment.

Mike asked an interesting question today. Not about the assignment particularly. It was brought on by a lecture the students attended last night, at the Phoenix Arts Museum. They learned about Clyfford Still. Mike asked if there was a word, specifically in the art vocabulary, that could describe when something is so incredible that it makes you feel like you are just a tiny bit of life in a grand universe.  He said he once saw a painting that made him respond in such a way, and he wanted an art word, movement, description…for the feeling.

We both talked about our experience of the Grand Canyon and how truly awesome and reverent the site is. He wanted a descriptive word for such an experience of art. I couldn’t think of anything right off, but I told him I would give it some thought. And ask some people.

An art word for a sacred experience connected to looking specifically at a work of art. Any thoughts on such a word?



Mike, marker




Justin, marker




Mariam, marker




Sandra, mixed media


3 thoughts on “drawing critique

  1. An art word? Are there words just for art? Can’t words be art? Or is “art” just a word? What a conundrum. I’m tiny and the universe is big. Awe, God. My head hurts now.


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