good, and a little bad…cont.

Part 2
The Mask 
Veronica is succinct in her personal statement. 


plaster prep

1. Who am I? 
Potential, Clarity, Intelligence, Child of God, Lover of life and all creatures great and especially small – big sister, earth mother, Seeker of beauty and wisdom within and without. 
I see it.  
My mother said I am Beauty, Intelligence and Perfection. 
Wow, lucky girl! 
I am seeking to become one with something like that I suppose.  
If we could all lean in this way, how would the world appear. 

Veronica is clear about who she is and what is important to her. It seems to me that she moves through life in a thoughtful and considerate manner. The color purple will be dominant in her mask.  It’s an expression of higher energy, in various mythologies. The right upper area of the head will be the space for some of her descriptive words.



 2. What am I?  
Good, and a little bad...The draw, I like these words. Curiosity peeked. Connection made. With any sort of goodness, we are all just a little bad. Yes, go ahead and think about it some more…
A black and white ground will sit at the area of the frontal lobe.





sidevShe continues…
Hard-working, reliable and very lucky, love and loved, innocent and wise, curious, thinker and I see with a very strong intuition, imagination, creativity, and humor (
reliable and helper, too)
This information I will suggest in details….bright colors, shapes, lines….vside







am married to a wonderfully sweet, good, good man who has become a better man knowing me (and vice versa).  At this point it is clear, there will be some visual connections to her husband’s mask. Complements. I also recall Jean Cocteau‘s connected profiles and know the interior of the mask will be a simple, light-hearted face to face, in black and white.



3. What is this world? And what is my relationship to it?  
Temporal beauty, a marvelous system that can be trusted and deserves our respect, we are all God’s creations….and the good lord who made us, he made and loves us all

I make things better.
Yes V, you really do.



She completes her statement by sharing one of her favorite passages, Proverbs 8:27-32. 

I was there when he established the heavens and formed the great springs in the depths of the oceans.  I was there when he set the limits of the seas and gave them his instructions not to spread beyond their boundaries.  I was there when he made the blueprint for the earth and oceans.  I was the craftsman at his side.  I was his constant delight, rejoicing always in his presence.  And how happy I was with what he created — his wide world and all his family of mankind!  And so, young men, listen to me, for how happy are all who follow my instructions.


2 thoughts on “good, and a little bad…cont.

  1. What a process:
    1- self psychoanalyze
    2- have a facial (mask making)
    3- choose who to decorate (MONICA!)
    4- go into a sympathetic labor (ok, I’ve never had kids, bear with me)
    5- Christmas Eve – be a child again in anticipation
    6- Receive, observe, appreciate
    7- Self-analyze again: I said what? Hmmmm…was I sincere, accurate, am I aligned with those thoughts….very interesting
    8- Hope the readers appreciate the possibilities with this process, because it is COOL. Children, relationships, life planning…the potential applications are amazing!


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