drawing from nature

outdoor1The next few weeks class will be held outdoors, we are drawing from nature. Appreciating and learning from the Spring season and its variety. The assignment calls for using shapes and texture to create the illusion of spatial depth in a drawing. Art students learn other valuable lessons as well. One, that nature can’t be controlled. If you are drawing it, you need to make decisions and adjustments. They balance learning to control their mark-making, contrasted with not being able to control the subject matter nor the environment.  This is different from all the other projects which are in a classroom, using stable subject. 


miriam1Students are dealing with sun, wind and other outdoor elements including other campus student’s curiosity.  I was talking with one of my art students as she worked on a very detailed, very realistic rendering of a Bougainvillea. She not only had the black Sharpie marker the assignment calls to use, but she brought along a red one too, for some experimenting. A woman came up from behind us and took a peek at the work.  We are drawing landscape, the class has been outside for a couple of hours. My student proudly tells her. Wow…two hours! she said as she pointed to the work in progress. Someone over there only had  a little bit on his paper. He’s very slow. As the woman walks away, the student says confidentially She’s never done this before!  
I smile.

The class now understands, working slowly and observing carefully goes a long way. They deserve to be outdoors enjoying the Phoenix Spring.








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