edge of knowledge; a bit of science, a bit of music

A few  odds and ends about this weekend, I feel are worth mentioning…

There is lots going on in the area this weekend.
The usual First Friday gallery openings, in the downtown Phoenix art scene, will be getting on in a few hours.

And…Arizona State University is currently having an Origins Symposium.
Science. I very much connect art and science. A couple of my favorite reads Art and Physics by Leonard Shlain, and  On Creativity by David Bohm.


Questions of origins resonate across all academic disciplines and among the general public because they directly confront the mysteries associated with our existence, our past, and our future. Click on this link  Origins Symposium to inform yourself about the various speakers, including Stephen Hawking,  and all the events.


If there were no paintings in the world,
Mine would be very important.
Same with the songs.
Since this is not the case, let us make haste to get in line,
Well towards the back.

If There Were No Painting by Leonard Cohen


And on a musical note: Leonard Cohen will be performing at the Dodge Theater this coming Sunday.
How did we ever get so lucky? It’s my understand that this is his first performance tour in 15 years. Phoenix will have the opportunity to experience beautiful cynicism.

The Curator has called this exhibition
Drawn to Words.
I call my work
Acceptable Decorations.

If There Were No Paintings by Leonard Cohen

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