The music was exquisite.

Leonard Cohen said he hoped we were satisfied. And that was after he came back 4 times after saying goodbye, only to continue the show. If my math is correct, according to what he said, he could be about 75.  

I left the concert thinking he was a truly generous human being.  He told us, the audience, he was grateful to everyone for keeping his music alive.
He acknowledged his singers and musicians, and on the final number he let each one of them take the spot light. Each of the musicians were extraordinary, and the back up singers had beautiful delicate, but very vivid voices. He also acknowledged the tech’s, the caterer’s, the bus driver’s and everyone who made the performance happen.

My feeling, on his last standing ovation, was that Cohen allows others to shine in his bright light, and he shines only because he is in the bright light of others. The Sanskrit word, namaste…at its simplest, means the creative spirit in one recognizes the creative spirit in the other.  Mr. Cohen embodies this word fully. 

He said he did not know when he would be back this way again. I was perfect with the thought because the experience, the moment, was a full and very live One.  

Namaste Leonard Cohen.

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