last drawing critique of the semester


I usually have to slow students down. This semester I didn’t struggle with this at all. This class worked slowly and carefully. And…they even appeared to appreciate the classical music I fill the classroom with.  
In yoga, one begins to understand though postures may appear effortless, they require a certain level of mental and physical skill. A steady practitioner makes every pose look graceful. I often drew this analogy with many of the students in this particular group. They made things appear very effortless. I wondered if I was challenging them enough. I did ask. Everyone let me know it was not easy. All I can assume is that they must have enjoyed both the challenges and the successes. 

We held the final critique of the semester this week. Drawing 1 learned about local value. And it was also their first full charcoal study. The subject matter…cloth with lots of color (value) and pattern.  
Drawing 2 and 3’s  assignment was to copy a Master’s drawing. 

Sandra's Da Vinci

Sandra's Da Vinci


Raquel's Van Gogh

Raquel's Van Gogh


Sharoyd's Degas

Sharoyd's Degas

The work was impressive…all of it…really. 

Have a great summer…hope you keep drawing.

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