the being of an artist

I find myself in the midst of some exciting opportunities. I’m only a bit overwhelmed by some of it.

self-sustaining confusion, mixed media print

self-sustaining confusion, mixed media print

I’ve shared that my work is currently showing in a group exhibition at the Tempe Center for the Arts (Outsider Within), closing date is July 3rd. I have press commitments for the exhibit tomorrow. And then maybe some more press to follow at another point in time, about upcoming personal projects.

I was selected to the juried exhibition,the Arizona Biennial 09, at the Tucson Museum of Art. The opening is July 10th, 2009. They’ve invited me, along with 4 other artists, to give a short lecture the day after the opening on July 11th at 1:00. The same evening the Phoenix Art Museum will open Phantom Sightings: Art after the Chicano Movement. This is a cutting edge traveling exhibition that will make a stop here in the valley. It will run thru September 20th. The content is sure to be provocative. 

Sara Cochran, the contemporary curator at the Phoenix Art Museum, and her intern, Kate Hyde paid a visit to my studio recently.  Out of it came an invitation to participate in the local component of the Phoenix exhibit. The local component will open the same evening and it will run thru Oct 21st.  Kathryn Blake the education director, has asked if I might be interested in facilitating a couple of printing workshops during the run of the exhibit.

And…yes, I am preparing for a solo at Phoenix College, opening October of 2009. I planned to spend my summer simply focused on completing a few more paintings and finding some sound for it…

I naturally wonder how much should I participate.  I want to do all of it, of course, these are all worthwhile experiences. I also want to keep the quality of my work and working process in tact. Wish there was more beings of me…one being to deal with the framing and practicalities of things, one being to paint, lecture and teach, and one being to observe and enjoy.

Maybe there is a being to participate in all of this activity fully.  One never knows until one really knows. Let’s see what I decide to actually do…time will inform me. And then I will inform you.

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