i am, yo soy

I Am, Yo Soy, Monica Aissa Martinez 
I Am, Yo Soy

Outsiders Within’ art exhibit helps dispose of labels
by Georgann Yara – Jun. 19, 2009 04:16 PM
A Special for the Republic

Click here to read the article.

There will be a closing reception.
6 – 8 p.m., Thurs., July 2
It is Free to the public.
Two performances by local band Radio Healer lead by artist and musician Randy Kemp.

About this article: I didn’t really specify what people’s expectations are of my work. I didn’t mention Diego nor colorful flowers. This is the reporters take on the conversation. I am not really sure what people expect of me.  That’s a good thing. 
I do like the article, it discusses the exhibition, and it’s purpose.

An interesting read…that my friend Michele pointed me towards… 

Ignore Everybody: and 39 Other Keys to Creativity, by Hugh MacLeod.

There was a free pdf on the web site.  I was able to download it a few weeks ago. The book has been released since then, not sure if the pdf is still available. 

How To Be Creative

How To Be Creative

On another note…I am going to paint a Labyrinth in my front yard….working out design details.

4 thoughts on “i am, yo soy

  1. Did I never tell you of the labyrinth that I painted on a warehouse floor? Here’s a tip for you….wear knee pads!

  2. …wise tip man of steel. do you have a photo of it? My patio is fairly small, it won’t be walked really, it will just signify sacred space. I like that idea. They have an interesting history, labyrinths do.

  3. She’ll be home any week now V. She got lots of attention. She may be obnoxious for short time until her ego gets back in line.

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