arizona biennial 09

biennial09Arizona Biennial ’09 will be held at the  Tucson Museum of Art in Tucson, AZ., July 11 – September 26, 2009.
Guest juror: Tim Rodgers, the Chief Curator at the New Mexico Museum of Art.
Brief Description: ‘Not only does this exhibition highlight some of the most innovative art created in this state, but it showcases the subtle shifts in imagery, stylistic impulses, and conceptual foundations to reveal how Arizona’s artistic community participates in the broad dialogue of contemporary art.’

411 artists entered, 44 were selected.  The exhibit consists of 50 works, including video. 
Here are only a few examples, including my own…of those subtle shifts in imagery, stylistic impulses and conceptual foundations
Catch it in person if you get the chance. 

Click on highlighted artists name to visit web sites.




From my current body of work,
A Constant Vital Commotion.


Vital Commotion #2
Mixed Media on Canvas
35″ x 45″





jamesPhoenix artist James Angel.

Urban Explosion
48″x 52″







Sabino Hill on a Snowy Day, completed this February, oil on canvas, 9" x 12"

And Tucson’s Melinda Esparza

Hill on a Snowy Day
Oil on Canvas
 9″ x 12″





Open Systems

Tempe’s Grant Wiggins

Open System
Acrylic on Canvas






Machine for perpetual motion 2009 47x 96

Fausto Fernandez
Machine for perpetual motion
47″ x 96″




To read more about AZ Biennial 09 click on links below.
Tucson New release

4 thoughts on “arizona biennial 09

  1. Ahhh the sight of a Molotov cocktail sailing toward a cheap motel always warms my spirit. Haha, well, in all serious I really like the image

  2. Thanks for posting about the exhibit. I didn’t see you there last night, but I hope you had a chance to see the crowd enthusiastically milling for several hours. It was a great opening night.

    Best wishes–M

  3. I will be at the closing reception and auction…will look for you then.
    I read your story…about cleaning the fountain at the museum….very cool realization for you, I bet. Enjoy it all.

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