phantom sightings and locals only


Phantom Sightings, Art after the Chicano Movement will open next weekend at the The Phoenix Art Museum. This exhibit consists of 120 works of art by 32 artists including painting, sculpture, installation, video, performance and mixed media works. The title alludes to artist and cultural commentator Harry Gamboa Jr. describing Chicanos as constituting a “phantom culture” within American society – largely unperceived, unrecognized and uncredited by the mainstream.

The LA Times calls the exhibit provocative, fanciful, [and] stunning. 


localsonlyThis is the largest exhibition of Chicano art ever presented at the museum and will be complemented by an installation of Arizona artists working locally who deal with similar themes and issues.
Locals Only showcases 12 valley artists whose work in different media (paint, print, and sculpture) deal with issues of identity, the tension between high and low culture, and the shifts between representational and conceptual art practices.  
Artist included are Claudio Dicochea, Fausto Fernandez (also in AZ Biennial 09), Luis Gutierrez, Annie Lopez, Melissa Martinez, Martin Moreno, Hector Ruiz, Roy Wasson Valle and Dose, Lalo Cota and Mykil ZEPata, and myself.

Below are of a few of the works that can be seen in the Locals Only exhibition.  Click on highlighted names to go to individual website/blog.



whoamiquiensoyyoI will show 5 small mixed media and collage works, one of which is…

Mixed Media work on BFK Rag Paper 
(Drawing/Painting image onto an Intaglio Print)
10″ x  8”









 Annie Lopez
 “The First White Woman” from the series,
 “The Almost Real History of Art in Phoenix”
 Cyanotype Print 






Demographic Fabric of America 2009 

Fausto Fernandez
 Demographic Fabric of America 
 Collage, Spray paint, Asphalt  and Acrylic on canvas




Captain America Black-1 

Luis Gutierrez
Captain America is off balance
Acrylic on Canvas
5′ x 4 1/2′ 







Roy Wasson Valle
Laborin Colorado









Phantom Sightings opens to the public Sunday, July 12 and runs thru Sunday, September 20.
Locals Only opens same day July 12th, and runs thru Wednesday, October 21st.
Click on Phoenix Art Museum for all scheduled events and lectures to run with these exhibits.

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