i process, i develop


I’m working now, paintings, for a solo exhibition in October.  I have made some obvious changes in both design and process.  
I am also writing about the work…drafting the artist statement that will go along with the exhibit. And I just can’t get into it.  It could be that it’s early. But I am wondering, when does one stop saying so much about their work?  Does the work ever fully speak for itself?  Does it serve a purpose to direct an audience?
In this case, because it’s a solo, I have the opportunity to develop an idea. Also, to develop myself as an artist. I don’t take opportunities lightly.  


When I was in college my teacher Rachelle Thiewes, explained to me that solo exhibitions could be few and far between.  The solo exhibit is such a valuable experience for the artist, she noted.
I am fortunate to have had at least one every few years, in the last decade. They require high levels of commitment and through that commitment a clarity is developed….about the work, the process, and my purpose.  

Will people respond? Yes, they will. How? This remains to be seen, some people will connect and others will not. Though I recognize my development,  I will only know the success of the series when I see it in the gallery space. And when it has an audience, I will learn more.
I have only really started to enjoy exhibition openings as of lately, both group and solo. This too, learning to enjoy the events, can only come with experience. I need the experience to fully realize.


I will put a brief statement together this time.  After all, the exhibit will be at the college where I teach.  I educate and inform…I become educated and I am formed. I hope to be allowed to fully form, to fully develop…and to fully appreciate the process.

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