new work completed today

casein underpainting

Casein underpainting.

new work with egg tempera over lay

New work with egg tempera over lay.













Can you tell the difference between these two images?  Same painting, sure.  The left is this mornings version. The right is this evenings. About 7 hours and several layers of egg tempera separate the two.

I got the background to transition a bit smoother, the shapes to come forward a bit more. You can’t see it, but the detail…value intensity, connecting lines, movement, texture….is all in there much stronger now.

preparing the egg tempera

Preparing the egg tempera.

preparing the egg tempera

Egg tempera overlay.

the detail i was looking for

The detail and intensity I was looking for.


Painting completed. Title…so very near.

2 thoughts on “new work completed today

  1. I love seeing the progress made – great post! I don’t think I’ve seen a work of yours before with color blocks in the background – fascinating!

  2. Hi Michele,
    Compositional lay out is new, yes. One of the valuable things that can happen when one is working in a focused manner like I am able to do now…new things show up unexpectedly.
    It is part of the new series, A Constant Vital Commotion. It breaks things up into a list, inventory…or structures (and colors). The title will clarify.
    I am looking at the organs, our wonderful bodies…and detailing out the parts…appreciating our very basic structure, the one we don’t see so readily, unless we are directed.

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