working on a press release

Working on a Press Release for my solo in Oct ’09. Different mind set.  Seems like both sides of my brain get used regularly. Good thing too, I would hate to get unbalanced.

I picked up my invitations last week. Still pulling together the statement.  A few works are yet in process in my studio and the rest of the work is at my framer’s.

Appears to be coming together…


The Eric Fischl Gallery at Phoenix College presents


new works


Who:               Artist:  MONICA AISSA MARTINEZ

                          A Solo Exhibition

Martinez’s new series includes mixed media works on canvas and paper. Her compositions, through strong use of line and color, represent the intricate connection within and between body and mind. The work explores in a rich, complex, and exciting manner, life in its very basic form.
Who and/or What am I is the question. One constant and vital commotion is the answer.
Sound will accompany the exhibit.

When:             October 5 –October 30   2009
                          Artist Reception:  Monday Oct. 5, 2009 6:00- 8:00

Where:             Phoenix College
                          Eric Fischl Gallery 
                          1202 W. Thomas Ave.
                           Phoenix, AZ

Contact:             Phoenix College Dpt. Of Art – 602-285-7277
                         Monica Aissa Martinez – 602-840-4376  or contact me 

Artist web site

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