Today I installed the exhibit.

…do my best to be organized.  But sometimes things just happen. The gallery director was not feeling well. He called in sick. The paint job from the night before hadn’t worked out. Two different whites, a cool and a warm, laying haphazardly on top of each other.
The sound equipment didn’t want to work, and when it finally did…the C.D. didn’t play.  

So…paint had to be purchased. Walls needed to get repainted. Eddie volunteered.  Quick to roll on, quick to dry.
David, from  Media Services, came in  and patiently reset the sound system.  And then he re-burned the C.D. He even delivered it to the gallery before he left for the evening. 

Artwork was laid out and hung, as sound filtered thru the speakers perfectly.  
One by one, everything aligned to make for a very productive day. 

…I do like all of this art work-job stuff…even the unexpected things seem right on. 







2 thoughts on “install

  1. if it’s not the paint it’s the lights…if not the lights it’s something else, but it always comes together. The space is beautiful!!!! Your work is the perfect work for this new gallery. Congrats!


  2. oh yeah…the lights…tomorrow…
    it is all coming together. the space is really beautiful.
    thanks beth.


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