idea firmly planted

Out on an early morning run, a fairly clear idea for a new series of drawings comes right to me. Not looking for ideas. I’m taking a break.  But one shows up.  I like it. I accept. Break could be a brief one.


Long, narrow. Story board.
Height: 15″ to 18″.  
Width: Long. Wide. Twelve feet…a couple of eight feet panels hanging side by side…or maybe a number of shorter 36″ drawings set up in sequence. Framing considerations will have to be made, this will be a work on paper. I’ll have some limitation in terms of glass, frame and general support. Can decide on exact width as I progress.
Materials: Mostly graphite. Some Casein or pencil color for emphasis and focus.
I have rolls of Arches, Hot Press, cream and white. Saved for just this sort of thing. Both pulled out of storage upon my return, this morning.

Humor, irony, abstracted figures. Linear.
Characters, as social studies.   

The idea materialized I realize now, as a result of numerous Facebook invitations. Descriptive words used in events. Maybe some of my realizations from recent travels are presenting themselves as well. In a nut shell, culture and semantics will be at play.
I have a title, and a sketch.

I don’t know when it will all be actualized.  Right now it’s a little seed, firmly planted.
Good way to begin a new day.

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