master multi-tasker and arts advocate

Buy Art! Create your own STIMULUS PACKAGE! Full service art consultation, art collection management, independent curator, marketing consultation and project management. This is the Facebook status update Ted sent out a few weeks ago that caught my attention.

I’d heard of Ted Decker long before I met him. Kate Timmerman introduced me to him, while she and I were members of eye lounge. I sat my exhibit on weekends; he came into the gallery most every Saturday after picking up organic vegetables from the local growers. I wanted to thank him, in person, for his contributions to our Inaugural Member Artists Catalog, produced that year. Kate took the lead, Come, I’ll introduce you; he’s a nice guy. He had a fresh carrot in his hand and he broke it in two and offered me half. We munched carrot as we exchanged greetings.

I had noted now and again, on Roosevelt Row, in eye lounge, and specifically in the Project Room, The Ted Decker Catalyst Fund supported various exhibits. I visit Ted’s website to learn about him.

I click on the Ted Decker Catalyst Fund. Many artists’ whose work I know come onto my screen: Christy Puetz, Rebecca Ross, Roy Wasson Valle, Sue Chenoweth, Jen Urso, Melissa Martinez, Andrea Evans, Carolyn Lavender, Karolina Sussland, Marcus Payzant… The photographs are great little captures of the artists and their work. I watch the moving images several times before I move on. The artist can only submit a proposal thru invitation. This impresses me. I know now the funding invests in artists’ futures by awarding advocacy marketing and mentoring mini-grants to encourage artists to more effectively position themselves for success in their careers. Ted calls it a Legacy investment. In other words…he takes the artist and his or her work seriously, for the long haul.

I go to Art Brokerage. This photo is fun too. I see an array of bright objects. I recognize some of them. Ted’s involved in Fine Art Consulting. He represents clients, as opposed to individual artists. He’s knowledgeable about the making of art and the business of art. He’s a collector himself, and has been for over 30 years. He helps clients manage their collection. This can include installation, appraisal, framing, and restoration.  He may even arrange a studio visit, if the situation calls for it.

Last, I click onto Travel Treasures. I find more photos of craftspeople of various cultures. Ted personally selects hand-made crafts from his travels. He sells them at various local venues including Made Art Boutique (where I purchased a beaded necklace) on Roosevelt Row. The net proceeds of the sales of these beautiful objects goes directly to the Ted Decker Catalyst Fund. The works often include tags with photos of the craftspeople thereby making a connection… building a cultural bridge between the artist and the buyer.

I ask Ted why he chooses to take on all these various tasks. He says because he is passionate about all of it. He understands the collector, because he is one, and he is connected to the artist and craftsperson. He’s a man who wears many hats: Art Consultant, Collection Manager, Art Broker, Independent Curator, Marketing Consultant, Project and Management.   And he’s easy-going and approachable.
It seems to me he cares about the arts, artists and craftspeople…globally

Inform yourself about Ted’s work, visit his web site.  Also know that Ted accepts contributions for his Catalyst Fund. Your donation is tax deductible. He will tell you that the best time to take action for supporting artists is NOW. The Catalyst Fund has no overhead expense, which means that 100% of donated funds go to assist and mentor artists.

Ted is not only well-informed, well-traveled, a multi-tasker, an advocate for the arts and artists alike, he’s nice. Kate was right.

2 thoughts on “master multi-tasker and arts advocate

  1. hey thanks kate. it’s fun. i used to get very uptight about my writing…but you live and you learn…or you don’t… hmmm…

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