next month at five 15

Peeking into Five 15 Gallery, in downtown Phoenix, I recognize Mary Shindell’s work. Slim, vertical sculpture fills the center area, small 2D work lines the walls. I catch a glimpse of Mary at the back of the long, narrow space.
The gallery isn’t open. It appears she may be completing the install. I am tempted to knock on the door but I decide against it just then. I don’t want to interrupt her and anyway… I would want time…to really look at her work.

If you’re familiar with Mary’s art, you know it’s captivating. Her drawings and sculpture are based on the landscape that surrounds her, the Sonoran Desert.

Planning to spend an afternoon, in the new year, to catch this exhibit of new work. 


Who:               Mary Shindell

What:              Amend, Amass A Solo Exhibition

When:             Opening January 1, 2010, First Friday
                          Exhibit runs:  Jan 1-30, 2010
                          Reception: January 15, 5 p.m., Third Friday

                          Open every Friday 5-9 p.m.
                                               Saturday 1-5 p.m.  or by appointment

Where:             Five 15
                            515 E. Roosevelt
                            Phoenix AZ  85004 

For more information about Mary’s work, visit her web site at

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