familiar artists+familiar spaces+new work=new experience

Raining in Phoenix today. Usually I want to stay in studio and work, when it’s like this. Instead, I opt to go out, and visit a couple of art spaces downtown.

Modified, new exhibit up now…so worth the trip…rain, snow, sleet, or hail.

Jon Haddock’s Vintage Mouse Porn is at the entrance. As a grouping they are strong. Archival Ink Jet prints, no color…only value. There is a disturbing neutrality about them. I giggle with some more than others.  Am I nervous? Accepting? What is it that I am looking at? John is clever, intelligent. Technically skilled.  There’s something going on here. The images are representative of existing photographs.

Dominic Miller, mixed media work, across the entrance wall.  Black inked paper with tiny holes punctured through it. The texture creates line work. Meditative.  Rhythmic. Interesting, the juxtaposing of these two artists work in the same area.  I look, back and forth.

Sue Chenoweth. Prints. The inked, copper plates are on the wall. Printed on white paper, with black ink, and touches of color, in one viewing. Black paper with white ink in another. Process. She’s not a printmaker…really? Would’ve fooled me. Energetic and narrative, titles and images catch my attention.

Karolina Sussland, two large paintings.  Different from what I know of her work. Landscapes. Iridescent. White. Striking. Stark. Luminescent. Quiet. Graphic?

Randy Slack. Not subtle. Very graphic. Large. Bright (especially compared to everything else). Pin up girls. Not sure what to make of the work in general. But there are some specific things that tell me something more is going on.

Jen Urso…drawing. A large sheet of paper hangs, and she will be drawing, day by day…is my understanding.  Photographs capture progress, both hers and the works. There is something stirring about a huge, beautiful sheet of clean, white paper, with methodical line drawing taking up one tiny corner.

I talk a bit with Adam and then I am off.

great space

On to MonOrchid. I am in love with the space. It’s a mix of old and the new; cement, metal, wood, high ceilings, spiral staircase, loft, curved wall, metal lined door. Light streams in one end.  Artwork lines opposite area. Visually…exciting.

I do take note of the artists: Lara Kupcikevicius and Christina Ramirez.  The Ted Decker Catalyst Fund supports the exhibit. I want to photograph the works.  But I refrain.  It’s wonderful. Organic. Quite. Playful?  Yes, a little bit.  Color, texture, design, and technique…it’s all imaginative. Linear.

Bokeh Gallery. Fun. Delightful?  Yes. New York’s Bob Carey, photographs are on view. A guy in a pink tutu…always delightful.

Before I leave, I go back and take a couple of shots of building areas. I introduce myself to Wayne Rainey, the owner.  He steps outside for a bit and I compliment the space he’s created.  It’s really exciting…did I say that already?

Art spaces and artists developing, growing and changing. I’ve been down there allot lately, but today I wondered, for a brief moment, if it had been a while since I’d visited cause…it was all looking so different. It’s new…but not new. It’s a new month, new work. New experience. It’s pleasing the eye, but it’s also stimulating the mind.

2 thoughts on “familiar artists+familiar spaces+new work=new experience

  1. Great review of the show Monica! I was last night at the same places you went, I really enjoyed my night out. Have you seen the Cuban artists show at Paulina Miller? if you haven’t you should, it’s one of the best shows I have seen in awhile.
    It’s great to read your blog, I have been trying to write about other artists work, just as an exercise but I still need to learn more. Please stop by and visit at


  2. I’ll check out Paulina Miller next weekend. There’s so much to see.
    Thanks Rafael. I’ll visit your link too.


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