Early morning. Quite. No music. No news.  No starting title.
On this Sunday in my studio, nothing but my materials and my full attention.

7 day practice….what I think I know for sure….

  1. That I have habits with which I approach a drawing. Altered several, in this final composition. Assume it’s obvious.
  2. That I love graphite…and paper.
  3. That I can blow everything off and focus on making something, out of nothing, for 7 full days. Over 100 degree temperatures outside help the matter.
  4. Drawing is a complex sequence of tasks.
  5. I can complete what I start…starting is key.
  6. The experience is invaluable to the experiencer.
  7. Finally and importantly… Drawing people in to the drawing…is not easy but is worthwhile and necessary.

Now…A much needed Pause…

3 thoughts on “pause

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