converging trajectories: crossing borders, building bridges

I like everything about this exhibit.
Curator, Ted Decker, invited me to participate and when he did, he explained title and context. It’s personal. He says, Three years ago, after decades of working in business and in art museums, I started my own company, propelling myself on a new trajectory. The artists in the exhibition are some of the many wonderful, vital, and intelligent people I have encountered during this period of personal change and growth through extensive travel. They are on their own trajectories, and through me, there is an intersection.

Walmor Correa, Brazil

Chico Fernandes

In the short time I’ve known Ted, he’s introduced me to numerous artists and artworks, I may not have otherwise crossed paths with.  Artists like Carlos Contente, Carolina Ponte, Chico Fernandes, Walmor CorrêaGustavo Artigas…residing in Brazil, Buenos Aires and Mexico.  He’s introduced me to the eloquent video work of local artist Jenea Sanchez. Her work concerns itself with immigration and women’s issues.

Edgar Aguilar, Mexico

A note on Mary Porterfield, who received her MFA from ASU.  I haven’t seen her work in person, since she left the valley. She’ll not only have a painting in the exhibit, but she’s coming down from Chicago, to be at the opening.

Mary Porterfield, Perceiving the Brink, USA

He says about the exhibition:
The world continues to rapidly shrink with the development and use of technology, social networks, and travel. More than ever before, we are able to recognize that the people of the World strive for the same things in life and share dreams for the future. Unbelievably, it is still easier for art to cross borders drawn on maps than the actual artist who made the work. I am assembling the art, bringing it to Phoenix, and providing a nexus for people to connect with art and artists, many of whom are showing in the United States for the first time. Information about the exhibition is being broadcast from Phoenix out to many people living in places around the world through the use of technology that makes it possible for us to be interconnected with others across political borders. In a small and personal way, Converging Trajectories: Crossing Borders to Build Bridges builds bridges between people thereby promoting mutual understanding and abating fear of the other or the unknown.

Monica Aissa Martinez

It’s a high and worthy intention. I appreciate being a part of it. The exhibit includes numerous Phoenix artists,  naming only a few: Jen Urso, Christy Puetz, Rafael Navarro, Veronica Villanueva, and Robert Martinez. It includes 2D, 3D and video work. And the exhibition will be  accompanied by a four-color handout featuring a listing of participating artists, their artwork, and texts by Decker and independent curator Justin P. Germain.

Many Arizonans ARE thinking globally, come be a part of it.

    Who: 40 artist from Brazil, Arizona, Buenos Aires, Charlotte, Chicago, Mexico City, New York and San Fransisco
    What: Converging Trajectories: Crossing Borders to Build Bridges (curated by Ted G. Decker)
    Where: Modified Arts
    407 East Roosevelt
    Phoenix, AZ 85004-1918
    When: Opening Reception: Friday, August 20th, 6-9pm
    Show will run from August 20th thru October 9, 2010
    Gallery Hours: Friday evening & Saturday 1-5pm,
    First Friday 6-9pm, and by appointment

    * If you are in Phoenix, please join us for an intimate Meet and Greet event with exhibition artists, both from Phoenix and visiting from other places. Saturday, August 21, 1-3 pm

For more info on other events connected to this exhibit visit Modified Arts. Org

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