vital commotion, at central az college

Postcards to an upcoming solo exhibition arrive today. I like the image, took the photo myself.
It shows new work alongside older work, hanging in one corner of my studio wall. Recently, I found myself sitting in front of and looking at, my newest painting. It’s different from previous work. I was trying to decide if it was the final piece of the last series or the first work of a new series.  Transition work for sure.

A timely first that I get to experience in this particular exhibition, is to hang prints, drawings and paintings from several bodies of work, from previous years, including the last. And then the one large, new work.  I’ve been handed the valuable opportunity of thinking about the evolution of my art and myself as an artist. I decide to call this solo the same as the last one… A Constant Vital Commotion. Why?

  1. Because it’s exactly one year later (last solo was in Oct too).
  2. It’s in an educational environment, as was the previous.
  3. I really like the words.
  4. And I can look at all the work, it’s evolving process and content, as one steady stream representing an experience of being.

This last year I began looking for growth, and change. Got it. In this exhibit you’ll see the first sign of it, a painting. And where it all leads you’ll see during Art Detour. The outcome will be part of the four person art exhibit I wrote about all summer.

Central AZ College is situated just south of the valley. I’ve especially enjoyed working with gallery director, Tom Belden. If you’re out and about the area this October, drop in.

October 5 – November 5, 2010

Visual Arts Gallery
Central Arizona College
8470 N. Overfield Rd.
Coolidge, AZ   85128

Mixed media works on canvas and paper.

Opening Reception: Oct 5, 2010 6-8pm

Student Services Building
8am-8pm Monday through Thursday
8am-4:30pm Friday

For More Info Call 520-560-2452

Oh! and a nice perk…
The reception is open to the public. The menu for the complimentary reception will be an evening of Southwest delicacies created by CAC culinary art students, and will include:

• prickly pear barbecue brisket
• roasted sweet potato hash
• citrus and avocado salad
• roasted chili cornbread
• chocolate brownie soufflé
• pecan bars
• punch

*on a side note: Converging Trajectories@  Modified, will run 2 more weekends.

2 thoughts on “vital commotion, at central az college

  1. Monica….I have to see your show. The hours of the gallery are listed as M-F so I am assuming there are no weekend hours. Do you know for sure about that?

    Maybe because I was raised Catholic and had 12 years of catechism but the placement of the separated parts of the overall lg. figure keeps bringing to mind a crucifix. Is there an intended reference here? Could it refer to the sacrifice of personal grace for the benefit of a needy fellow traveler?


  2. Hi Catherine. You might contact Tom Belden, his link is in the post…ask him about weekends.
    I write about the visual inspirations for the figure in the July 27th post. It’s a very new work…time will inform me about its full meaning.
    It works as a whole and it works in parts. That’s deliberate.


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