good drawing = good critique

Monday afternoon…many good drawings equal one good critique.  I can’t show you all the works…but I’ll give you a quick look-see of a few of them.

Challenging assignment.  Students not only learn to set up a composition, work with complex structure and a variety of texture, but they also learn to extend their focus.
How many times can the average student be distracted in one session? Countless. Cell phones, email, text messaging, internet, I Pods…all of it has made for a challenging time for many students to sit down and focus for the allotted 2 hours and 45 minutes of drawing class.  And then there’s the regular stuff of life that distracts all of us. Nothing new. It’s just something to get passed, and for the most part we do.

In this particular assignment I note the difference in focus on the first day of the assignment and then on the last. They stop and start, walk, talk, wonder, disappear…less and less each day. By the last day, everyone is working. You might hear a pin drop, it’s so quiet. I have to remind them several times to take a break. For some it’s a bigger challenge than others. There are the few that start slow, and work steady, with the appearance of ease. Is it just an appearance? I ask at critique.  Numerous replies and laughter comes back at me.

This assignment, despite its difficulty, gets them all.  I mean, it pulls them in.  Lots to see, lots to put down, limited time. End result is always more impressive than any of them can imagine.  They have to find presence.  It seems to me this is the turning point.










The assignments don’t get easier, but attention and focus becomes more and more steady. Next assignment they’ll have new skills to learn, and new distractions to master. We’re going outside for a few weeks.  Phoenix weather, be nice.



5 thoughts on “good drawing = good critique

  1. The display case outside your classroom is mustsee viewing. It’s impressive to see what’s happening each week! Thanks for sharing their work here.

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