pianist and vocalist

I met Pamela Morita during the Yoga, Music, and Art weekend, Meg, Mary and I hosted last December. She was part of the live trio that played that Sunday afternoon. Mary Petrich (on Sax), John Chapman (on Bass) and Pam on keyboard. Her vocals were sweet and rich with emotion. She closed the afternoon meditation with a beautiful rendition of I Can See Clearly Now.

Last week Pam contacted me, and asked if I would photograph her.  She’s having a new web site designed and wanted images.  I was happy to oblige.  I designed and created Mary’s site, which included photographing Mary with her sax. Pam liked the work I did, and wanted me to shoot her as well.

She came over to the studio on a Tuesday afternoon, and we got right to work.  She mentioned being nervous or uncomfortable with being photographed, though she appeared to be a natural to me. It must be the performer element in her, I told her afterwards, the one that visual artists for the most part, don’t have (unless they’re performers).

A little about Pam and her music…

Pam holds a master’s from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. A professional pianist/singer since 1980, she started in Chicago and played at the Drake Hotel, Park Hyatt Hotel, the Fairmont, the Palmer House, well-known jazz clubs as Andy’s and the Green Mill. In 1985 she traveled to Sweden where she played/sang in clubs around the country and onboard the Silja Line Cruise Boat, which sailed between Helsinki and Stockholm. In 1994,  moving to Norway she met  Swedish jazz artists Ronnie Gardiner and Johan Setterlind who recorded her first CD, Strings that, with her. She also met Doris Spears, a jazz singer from New Jersey, who collaborated with Pam to record her CD, The Duchess. They toured together traveling throughout Scandinavia.

In 2000, Pam moved to Phoenix. While in the valley, she’s played in the C.C. Jones Orchestra, performed with musicians Dennis Rowlands, Sherry Roberson, Felix Sainz, Dave Grale, Dennis Sexton, Paul-Eirik Melhus, Richard Palalay, Andy Gross, and Paul Anderson.

Pam, Mary Petrich, and John Chapman have formed an acoustic, jazz trio which caters to intimate venues like private parties, home concerts, and weddings…and events like our Yoga, Music, and Art Afternoon.  Their repertoire consists of jazz standards, originals, and classical music.

Pam really is  a natural…in front of the camera, and in front of an audience. Catch a live performance and hear it for yourself.

Pam will be performing tonight and next Friday night:

Who: Pam Morita piano/vocals

Where: Electric Eel Restaurant
30815 N. Cave Creek Rd. Cave Creek, AZ
(N of Tatum, SE corner of Cave Creek and Desert Willow Parkway)

When: Saturday, Nov.13th and
Friday, Nov. 19th
6:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Call: 480-595-9000 for more info.

Pam also teaches.
To hire Pam for concert and/or teaching contact her at: (602) 478-1676 or e-mail: Pam

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