coming to be

New work. Completed on BFK Rag. The  28″ x 20″ mixed media on paper is sitting on my easel, waiting to get signed and titled.  No name for it yet. Part of new series “Creative Structure.”

Composition evolved from a larger work, a 6′ x 7′ canvas, that was much more monochromatic. Went from very large to moderately small. Unusual evolution for my pieces. Usually start very small on paper, to eventual moderately large on canvas.

Wanted to work with color and paint with various mediums: casein, gouache and egg tempera. Also wanted to mark make.  Latter wish comes from watching my students draw right now.  The whole process of teaching charcoal always comes into my studio work somehow, including working on paper and some dry, monochromatic element, in this case graphite.

Finished work appeared slowly,  September 18th to November 21st. Took many turns. Probably could have stopped several times and called it done. Though, really was looking for a certain quality, a sort of  alive composition, and depth. Steady thought, steady mark. Brush stroked color and fine line silver graphite.

Here is how it came to be. Complete.  Living with it a for a while before I name it.







2 thoughts on “coming to be

  1. As usual Monica I enjoy and appreciate seeing your working process. I have a student whose work I plan to photograph and send to you. I believe you two are of a kindred spirit.
    Your current image, when I first looked at it, seemed for sure to be large.
    Interesting to find out it measures 28″x20″. And then you wrote that it started large and worked its way down to its smaller self.

    I fully understand your comment regarding the experience of teaching charcoal and how that magic creeps into your own studio life. It works that way for me as well.

    Seeing your working process is always interesting and inspiring…..much like watching you pour your dream into a reality.
    Thank you for sharing your work and your process.


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