2 thoughts on “lennon on the role of the Artist

  1. this painting is in my room. one of my cherished things given to me by monica. i remember the day john lennon was murdered as if it was yesterday. i was sitting waiting for the UTEP miners to come on TV. they were going to play hawaii in basketball, in hawaii. so it was late,,,almost 10PM and it was a school night. it was late! i remember my mom yelling down the stairs to go to sleep. i said ok, and lowered the volume. monica , then came and sat on the floor next to the chair i was sitting on.she never had done that. especially since i was going to watch sports ! i dont think five minutes passed when something strange, for those days happened, the ticker on the bottom of the screen read…john lennon has been shot in new york city. we both just looked at each other. i had grown up listening to the beatles all my life. thanks to all of my sisters, all five of them. but monica really was into john lennon. i dont think five minutes passed when the ticker again came on….JOHN LENNON HAS BEEN MURDERED IN NEW YORK CITY. i could not believe it, she could not believe it. we sat there in shock. i didnt watch the UTEP basketball game nor do i remember going to sleep. that whole week was dark and sad. i remember sitting in monicas room, which is now my room, and listening to her ‘DOUBLE FANTASY’ album, over and over again, while i assembled my little sisters bike and wagon.
    i think about that moment to this day. how of all my sister, monica was sitting with me the day john lennon was murdered. because of her and her albums of john lennon i fell in love with his music. because of her and all my sisters i learned how to LOVE. when i went to visit my little sister in new york, she took me to the dakota apartments and i wished monica was with me. my mom and analissa where chatting away as i starred at the spot where the man whose music changed my life, died. i remembered my sister monica sitting next to me that night in 1980.

  2. Thank you Monica for posting your image of Lennon. It helps and encourages me to think about the man, his songs, and the influence of his talent. His lyrics say the truth. Often a truth that was subversive and a challenge to understand in the beginning but proved to be meaningful over time.
    “I’m just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round,
    I really love to watch them roll,
    No longer riding on the merry-go-round,
    I just had to let it go.”

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