no woman is an island contd.

the attic, representing the brain and the mind

January always causes me to take inventory of the last 12 months.
I learned about social networks this last year.  Don’t know that it’s always something I feel completely grateful for, but it’s brought some good things, like reconnection with old friends.

Anita is a Facebook Friend. Truth is, she and I go back all the way to grade-school. We grew up in El Paso, Texas, in Sunset Heights. I spent lots of waking hours with her and her sister Mary. We’ve all found each other more readily, via Facebook.

Anita lives in Cleveland, OH, and I live in Phoenix..lots of distance between us, but not in cyberspace. One day I put up a photo of an artwork. I think it’s the first time I let myself do this.  Almost immediately Anita sent me a message. Is the work available? If so, can she purchase it?  Yes. Yes.

She wanted it?  She wanted it.

I send her hi-res detail images of the 26 1/2″ x 18″, Casein and Egg Tempera painting, I call Fact: All Structures Are Unstable. I explain to her it’s about the left and right sides of the brain, the logical left, and the emotional right.

The central image is bordered by Pi. Above the mathematical constant is a bird made of white hearts, representing that which is good.  He seesaws with that which is bad… represented by…yes sure…a black bird.

I suggest to her she take her time in deciding. Both her and her husband want the work. She doesn’t need any more time. I wasn’t expecting any of it. All in all, it made the weekend morning very fun.

Anita is married to Laury, an Orthopedic Surgeon.  The reason I bring up his work, is because I want you to know…he’s a busy guy…being a surgeon and all.  And yet…he makes time to create.  Yup, that’s right.  He’s creative…and a surgeon.

Shortly after shipping the artwork to Anita and Laury, I receive a big box. In it I find a bright and beautiful glass platter (below). I learn real soon, it’s made by the doctor himself.  And along with the platter is a thoughtful thank you note.  I don’t know anything about glass to be completely honest, but this is a special gift.



All women brag about their husbands and Anita’s no exception. Laury attended Brown University she tells me. Their first date was to the  Cleveland Museum of Art. Hmmm…okay, I’m impressed. He’s tried Painting, Ceramics, and she says as of late he’s working in Glass. He especially enjoys it, and she says…he’s really good. Yes, he is. Today she sent me a link to a benefit show Laury is participating in  → Doctors Within Borders. It opens tomorrow. Proceeds from the show will benefit the Northcoast Health Ministry, a free clinic serving the low-income uninsured in western Greater Cleveland since 1986. Excellent cause, good luck Laury.

Summing it up, I always appreciate a sale.  In this case, I’m especially  grateful that one of my grade-school friends, whose family was like my own, has one of my works in her home.  Thanks Anita. Thanks Laury.
A Facebook accomplishment?  May be so. It still  amuses me every-time it occurs.

…the beginning of the year, I appreciate old friends.
…and I also appreciate that I don’t have to photograph 3D reflective objects on a regular basis…yikes…sorry Laury, reflective surfaces…not my forte. But the colors of the platter and the cool design show off nicely either way, don’t you think?

It’s only a matter of time before we connect in person, I’m sure. Laury will tell me more about glass. And Anita will fill me in on more of her life, maybe give me a recipe or two, cause she’s a great cook, I hear.
Here or there, or in El Paso, now or later …and Mary can join us too, I hope.

→Arte Aissa

One thought on “no woman is an island contd.

  1. Monica, that was beautiful.
    It’s funny how I will remember things we did way back then and then I share it with Laury and reliving it with him makes it feel like it happened yesterday.
    I am DEFINITELY posting this on Facebook…. I want everyone to see my amazing and talented friend…Monica.

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