no woman is an island contd.

Last posting was about reconnecting with an old friend via Facebook, an El Pasoan from my childhood neighborhood, Sunset Heights. Truth is, you never know when or where you’re going to run into…an old friend, an El Pasoan, and maybe even one from Sunset Heights. What are the odds?

Once upon a time, I was in Kirkland, WA, outside of Seattle. The area has a thriving art scene in both music and the visual arts. My husband and I were there to attend the opening reception of an exhibition of my paintings. Surprisingly among the visitors that evening, was one familiar face…Eddie’s.

I went to high school with Eddie.  And yes, we were both born in the Sunset Heights area. I won’t say I knew him well, I only knew him from the neighborhood.  He’d attended the area public school and I’d gone to the area Catholic school. Separate worlds – in the minds of kids. Though he and my  husband knew each other well.

So…there was Eddie, living in Seattle.  We agreed to meet the next day for lunch. Chinese…Dim sum…we ate and ate…his treat. Catching up with life,  Eddie mentioned he and his girlfriend Margaret, collected art work. He told us about their travels to Europe and the museums. And he thoughtfully shared his experience of viewing great works. I also recall we discussed the cost of art…a practical conversation of sorts. I found him knowledgeable and generous.

Eventually Eddie contacted me with interest in a particular painting.  I extra-appreciated (is that a word?) the purchase at the time. And not only because he was investing in one of my works, though that felt good, but because our paths had crossed in our youth, and there’s something to be said and felt about that.

The work he bought, a 12″ x 12″, egg tempera and casein painting (below), is titled Power Surge. It’s part of a larger series called Relationships: the ebb and flow. The body of work as a whole, is about the masculine and the feminine principles. And the eternal play of power, within and without. I connected all the small works to electricity. My husband had  books on the subject lying around, and I was always looking through them.

The story gets more interesting because eventually Eddie would marry Margaret. She’s the sister-in-law to my best friend Pat, and the aunt to my god-daughter Linda. So…in a particular way…that work remains connected to me, and it now resides in El Paso, my birth city, where Eddie and Margaret live.  The End.

The series is a large one. I continued to work on it for years. Below are a few more compositions. The paintings exhibited in Washington, in New Mexico, and eventually  here in Arizona.

I liked making the small works. I’m sure to revisit the subject again.
New Mexico State University purchased three for their permanent collection. And I sold others to private collectors,  Robert and Leah and Don and Cristina.

Thanks Eddie and Margaret. It’s been fun to think about the work and the stories connected to all the various pieces.

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