lines, lines, and more lines…

In this assignment students are looking at lines that make up the structure of an object and inform us about shape. And they are looking at texture, lines that help define surface quality. In class they are drawing shells. Outside of class, they have choice, subject matter varies.  They learn, in the case of the shells, to separate texture from value/color. I explain if anyone has a problem distinguishing value and texture,  feel the surface with your fingertip. Eyes become sensitive and so do fingertips. Everyone is still learning to be patient.
There is something there, I see it. But I can’t feel anything. What do I do?
Ignore it. You’re noticing color / value. It’s not texture, I say.
But I want to show it!
I know, but you can’t.  Not now.
How soon?

This is a complex assignment. They enjoy it. I enjoy it. It’s important that they pace themselves, and work with care. The classroom always gets so quiet, you can hear a pin drop.  I have music on during class, and during this particular time they don’t appreciate loud or noisy…

It’s the first time they are considering composition and deliberately balancing positive and negative space.
End result…always pretty exciting.










So…in the process of  completing this drawing, several students gift me some shells. One student, from last semester, dropped in just to give me a couple of great shells.  They pay attention….they don’t forget.

In memory of Donna, RIP

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