A self-portrait is the last marker drawing of the semester. Charcoal is near on the horizon. This last ink assignment is to draw oneself while looking into a mirror…real life, no photo. The students will use every skill they’ve acquired to now. Though their attention and willingness become a bit more intensified before it’s all over and done.

They are instructed to include something in the drawing that informs us (the class, the audience) about them, making the work narrative.  If someone’s going to deliberately miss one assignment, the self-portrait might be the one. A few always try to avoid it.  I require they hand it in, even if it’s the last thing they do before the semester is over. It’s such a valuable learning experience.  And it’s one of the few drawings that allows for a bit of creativity, in this beginning drawing class.


Elizabeth above, tells us about a video game she enjoys. She also informs she us through her use of line, she is observant, careful and deliberate.

Erica "Elf Madness"

What exactly is Erica communicating while wearing elf ears and making a face? What is elf madness?

Chase "Frustration"

Chase captures himself.  He’s always more than a bit concerned about his progress.  The clock numbers are backwards…a nice added element. And it allows us to know he is working off a reflection.

Gabrielle "Gnomes"

Gabrielle has a garden of hundreds of gnomes. We learn some interesting things about gnomes and elves…a first appearance of either, in my drawing class.

Julietta "Venus and Me"

Julieta, artist. It’s her world.  She’s focused and content.

Diana, below, from last semester.  I include the drawing because I only photographed the completed work after the semester was over. She really did turn this drawing in the last week of school.  Not because she didn’t want to do it, but because that’s how long it took her to finish it. I told her it was worth the wait.
What does Sunburn (the title) tells us about Diana…maybe she loves the outdoors, or she lives in Phoenix where the sun always shines. Maybe both. One thing we do know for sure, the girl looks closely and knows how to put it down carefully!

Diana "Sunburn"

Eric Fischl and Andres Serrano will be on campus this week.  Should be exciting. MORE

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