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Having received a court summons for jury duty, I spend Tuesday downtown, at the Municipal Courthouse. What a great building, inside and out. It’s among the top ten busiest municipal courts in the United States. People from all walks of life, come through their doors everyday.  Next time you’re there, take note of the art. They have an eclectic collection of prints that fill up the wall spaces. I always take time to look and discover something new. Yesterday was no different.

Alchemical Action, my lithograph (above), is part of that permanent collection. The Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture purchased a print,  along with many other works, for this particular building, some time ago. Gina Cavallo Collins was the juror for the call. I remember her contacting me to inform me the work was chosen. She would eventually drop by the studio to collect it.

Duet, Phillip Curtis

The Bugler, Phillip Curtis

I’ve been in the Jury Assembly Room many times since then. Today I make my way into the reading room.  I enter, and lo and behold, it’s my lithograph! I didn’t expect to see it. I’d heard it was in good company, two Philip Curtis’s (above) sit across from it. And on another wall is a Barbara Cowlin (below).

The Intelligensia, Barbara Cowlin

I stand in the middle of the room for a moment. The lighting is great. The glass on all the works is non-glare. Framing is simple and artwork stands out. The room is warm and inviting. Then without hesitation, I pull my camera out. I don’t know exactly why…to get proof…maybe…a photo or two…for a blog post, or…or… Wow… my print! I assume comfort in this space, as though it’s mine.  You’d think I’d never sold a work before, the way I respond. The element of surprise? Uhm…maybe. I think it has more to do with the fact that it’s public…art. Not public, as in museum public, but out…in the real public world. Maybe that’s why I react.

I look around the room. People continue their quiet activity.  I put my camera away, pull up a chair, settle down, take my book, and with a smile, begin to read. I don’t get chosen as a juror instead my experience is…art.

Interesting twist to the day. In the public space I appreciate a private moment.

For info about Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture and their Public Arts Program click here.
For info about limited edition lithograph click here.

2 thoughts on “jury duty / print sighting

  1. Very cool! Your response to seeing your work is similar to that of a first grader seeing their teacher in a public place outside of school. We see things a little differently when they’re out of context. What a great way to spend your time at the courthouse.

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