inside painting insides

One of the things I appreciate about living in Phoenix is a 118°, hot summer day, in July.
It means I’m indoors, painting all day.

I have time to take this….

and 3 hours later….have it look like that…


Another great thing about hot July days in AZ, is that a museum is one cool place to hang out in. I stopped by the Phoenix Art Museum to catch the “Modern Mexican Painting” opening. Color and texture got my attention. . I particularly appreciated thick smooth, rich colored, matte surfaces.  In some paintings I could see the canvas show through, and in others I couldn’t. I also noted the use of dry brush. So you know…I worked with these elements, this weekend.

Here are a few very small details from a (another) life-size figure study.  I had time to add more layers of information, color, texture, light, and a variety of surfaces.

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