te aventaste

Last night was the opening for Mixing It Up, at the Tempe Center for the Arts.  Gary Keller, from the Hispanic Research Center, spoke about the implications of the phrase, Mixing it up. Based on a brief time of boxing in his life, he said, It could imply a fight.  I liked the connotation. He spoke about the regular idea of mixing it up… which to me indicates a Post Modern association.

I spent much of the evening in conversation with others, about my work. I met two docents… One who was very curious and asked very specific questions about the organs in the artworks. And the other, her spouse, who had more than the average person’s understanding, vocabulary, and appreciation for the physical body. I asked if he was an M.D. Turns out he’d served as a Green Beret medic at one point-in-time.  Now retired, he’s planning to head out to Honduras, to volunteer and help out there. They both wanted direct information from me, to share with viewers throughout the coming months. I guess now they can quote me.  And I can quote them.

Several people make note of the surface of my work. Because I am so careful with detail and quality of surface, in both paintings and drawings, I appreciate these comments in particular. A well-lit space … you know it makes all the difference. I  have a moment with artist Martin Moreno. He has work in the exhibit as well.  He points over to my wall and says te aventaste.  The Spanish phrase basically implies a thumbs up.

Above a photo of Michelle Dock (curator) and I, just before the evening is over. What do we have in common? Other than being involved in the ARTS, here in AZ?  Both of us attended New Mexico State University, probably about the same time.  For whatever reasons our paths never crossed there, I’m pleased to say we know each other now. I’ve worked with her several times. Facebook should offer an te aventaste button.  If they did Michelle and all the crew would receive one on this morning, after a fine opening.

More Info:  Mixing It Up:  Building an Identity
                  Sept. 17 to Jan. 28

3 thoughts on “te aventaste

  1. We enjoyed the exhibit last night. A stunning array of quality work from unknowns to high profile names! Much insight to be gained from viewing this work; curatorship was exceptional. Thank you to all who participated and facilitated.

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