YOU are here, you ARE here, you are HERE

“Maps codify the miracle of existence.” ― Nicholas CraneMercator: The Man Who Mapped the Planet

I’d sure like to map the planet. But for starters, I’m good with mapping Phoenix.

You Are Here, mixed media collage on paper, 60" x 36", 2011

I’ve looked at the works of Joyce Koslotz, Lordy Rodriguez and Kathy Prendergast…one gorgeous, powerful map artwork after another. I had a few ideas when I started. I considered making a political statement with my map, you know…include all the current crazy characters of Arizona. That changed because I wanted to keep Phoenix, the City, and You, as focal points. I‘m in it too btw. The image relates to my current interest in anatomy and the body, and to my thoughts about life. The map implies connections and plays with the idea of the sacred.  I have one more commitment I need to focus on and then…well…I’ll be making a series of maps.

Everything is about detail in this map design. The hanger: use a strand of authentic beads from the 70’s? or a Home Depot gold chain? ↓  Decisions….

And because You Are Here, you’re invited…rsvp…FACEBOOK INVITE

2 thoughts on “YOU are here, you ARE here, you are HERE

  1. Monica….I love this direction in your work. And yes, I can see your interest in the work of Joyce Koslotz in your imagery. A wonderful influence and I do think it melts perfectly into your unique world. Congrats on these works. They are wonderful.


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