I ran this photo last July 30th. I was being facetious. I’d never worked so big, and I basically didn’t know what I was going to do. I was curious…to know what it was all about….working large. I’m using paper… because I love a fine sheet of paper. And it’s the material I am most at ease with.

I have competed several works I needed to get done, including my Phoenix Map, which has influenced this plenty. Otherwise I have pretty much continued to focus steadily on this large work and three months later … I’m still composing.

The image becomes more and more abstract as I continue. I don’t want to obliterate the figure completely, but I do want to obscure it.

“Abstract-(Latin)- to remove away from, by pulling.
Abstraction is a form of purification; our ‘idea’ of something purifies it by extracting it from its living context and obliterating most of the relationships that call it into being.  The reason for doing so is straightforward: no idea can present a complete knowledge or definition of a thing – you cannot explicate all of its relationships, because it relates to everything that is, so your only choice is to isolate it from almost all of the relationships that actually constitute its reality: once you have separated it from those relationships, you are left with a 2 dimensional idea that stands for the whole.” Philip Shepherd, New Self, New World

This is big and it’s small…and lots of work, and no work at all…. I  Like.

One thought on “abstract

  1. I do see your recent influence of maps in these works but also I’m reminded of the physical circulatory system that all living creatures, plant and animals rely on. I see roads and railroad tracks and river systems from the air reminiscent here too. Seems the images have a reflection of layers and passages. Exciting to watch your work develop.

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