the HOME show @ stark gallery

Stark Gallery is an inviting and beautiful, open and well-lit space that’s been on the Xavier College Preparatory campus since 2001.

Early this Fall I received an invitation from curator Alison Dunn, (whom I know from eye lounge) to take part in an upcoming exhibition called HOME. I met Frances McMahon Ward, co-curator, while delivering my painting. Frances I learned, was also a one time eye lounge member….it’s a small, creative world.

Marie Navarre, Distant Call

The HOME show is currently running and includes a selected group of INVITED ARTISTS:


HOME the idea

  • Is it a physical place, or something you carry with you?
  • Is it embodied in our sense of family, a particular place, or simply a state of mind?
  • Is “home” static or evolving? How is it linked to memory? How much of our idea of “home” is invented, culturally determined, or outright fabricated?

When I enter the gallery, I am immediately presented with Kate Timmerman’s Resting Place.  I stand with the carefully constructed slate cairn for a long time. It’s rhythmic, strong and rich in color and texture. So simple and so direct.  It’s probably my favorite work in the exhibit.

Kate Timmerman

A close second that hangs in front of Kate’s very grounding work, is the airy and light-weighted collage by Ernesto Lopez titled, Flight Patterns #3 (below). It appears to be some sort of deck of cards. They’ve been cut, folded, and laid out in a circular pattern atop gridded and repeated clouds. There’s both movement and stability in the design pattern. It’s not framed. It hangs on the wall…blue, free and easy. It works.

Ernesto Lopez

I’m drawn across the room to Bill Jenkin’s Resting Chair.  It’s labeled a Pigmented Print. It’s behind glass and despite some glare, I get a descent photo. It’s a more than gently used leather chair.  It amuses me, it’s strange. It’s got old, worn…presence, like a relic.

Bill Jenkin

Directly in front of the print,  is Angela Cazel Jahn’s, free-standing, clay and found objects sculpture, titled We Live Here Somewhere.  I think it deserves a detail shot too.

Angela Cazel Jahn

Are the figures independent? Are they related?

I photograph a few more 2D works, but the glare won’t let me share them with you.  I do capture Bill Tourtillotte’s monochromatic DigiGraph, Here is Home.

Bill Tou

Below is Betsy Bret Harte’s Right Ascension Home. Her surreal imagery always peeks my curiosity. This one is no different.

My small canvas stands unusually bright in the mix. It’s titled Has My World Gone Upside Down or Have I?  I painted it a few years back, the month my 18 1/2 year-old cat passed away.

Monica Aissa Martinez

… there’s more.  You can see the HOME show during regular school hours and by appointment.  Or you can attend the closing reception on January 9th 3-5. 

Stark Gallery is in Central Phoenix.  It’s on the campus of Xavier College Preparatory, just off of 7th street at Highland, in the Virginia G. Piper Performing Arts Center.

For more information (read about their mission) visit their website: Stark Gallery

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