arizona landscapes @ tempe center for the arts

“I stand for what I stand on.”
― Edward Abbey

What comes to mind when you think Arizona Landscape?  That’s right, this show is that, and then more.

Michelle Dock, Gallery Director of Tempe Center for the Arts, says of the exhibit:
It’s a diverse group of 13 Arizona based artists. Each of them have a different frame of mind, a different approach, different media that they use to make their artwork, but they’re all talking about  the Arizona landscape in one form or another.

Panorama from Point Sublime by Mark Klett

This is a long horizontal print by artist Mark Klett. I broken it into 3 parts to fit it into the post. Details are pretty wonderful.

Panorama from Point Sublime

Panorama from Point Sublime

Dock continues…
Some of the artist in the show have a very straight forward way of showing their landscape … we recognize the location. … they just present in a new way.

Business As USual by Craig Cheply

Homage to Ruscha by Craig Cheply

…Other artists are reinterpreting what the landscape  means, what the landscape can be… was…is going to be.

An Arizona Dinner Party by Roger Assay and Rebecca Davis

Little Colorado

Santa Maria River setting

The exhibit has something to offer for everybody.  Some of the artwork is really beautiful artwork that is calming, soothing. Some of the artwork makes you think and maybe have you change the way you’re doing things.  It’s a great way for families to come and enjoy some time, looking, at Arizona and learning about Arizona…the history and the society that  has developed here in such a short amount of time, which is only 100 years.

Heat, Dust, Vapor by Mary Shindell

Mary Shindell’s work includes grounded and abstracted, vertical cacti tubes. Hovering above eye level is a representation of a cloud of heat, dust, and vapor.  She incorporates sound into the installation.  Listen closely for a coyote or two.

Heat, Dust, Vapor by Mary Shindell

Arizona Landscapes opened on Feb. 11 and will run through June 9.
Gallery hours 
10 a.m. to 6 p.m.,
Tuesday through Friday
11 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturday
Admission is free

more at →Tempe Center For the Arts 

Below, videos of three of the artists in the exhibition. I planned to include only one, but each artist shares something unique to themselves.
Mary Shindell talks about living in AZ and her process, Mark Klett discusses important decisions that had to be made at one point-in-time, and Merrill Mahaffey shows you his bags (yes bags!) of pigment.

A side note:

Mary Shindell's model for the cloud formation completed for Arizona Landscapes.

It seems a good time for a quick mention that Mary, Carolyn Lavender and me, will be working together again in Jan of 2013… art and process, process and art. We’re excited to  bring new ideas and new work to a new exhibit in a great space (MAC). More later.

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