detail, discipline and some kind of drive

Beware of the person who can’t be bothered by details.
William Feather

Assignment: Complex Structure – Complex Texture – Looking closely.
Students lay out composition before start of drawing. They pay attention to balancing positive and negative space.
Because they pick their own shells to draw, they also pick their challenge.

Critique takes place our first day back from Spring Break.  I ask who worked over the break to complete their assignments, and more than half the class raise their hands.  This is the commitment this particular group has shown with every assignment. It’s  a quality student’s must have to continue in a fine arts program.

In general nothing is more satisfying to me than working on paper.  And when the class put up their assignments for critique this afternoon, I get the sense that right now this may be true for them.

Here is a drawing from each student present for critique. I share a detail shot in some cases because I want you to see how rich with attention areas are.

Element by Sabrina


Jose's "Shell-Shocked"

Sharon's "Tossed Salad"

Michelle's "Veins"

Pathways by Andres




Simplexity by Alexis




Death Star by Kyle


Drawing and Composition 2 students work with different media, including scratch board, inks, and fluorescent paint.  They choose their subject-matter.


Fox by Kim



I know how hard they’ve worked.  I appreciate the commitment and energy they’ve brought forth. It’s exciting.

4 thoughts on “detail, discipline and some kind of drive

  1. yes I have, I just completed a piece that took years of concept and weeks of labor intensive work sitting at a desk with every muscle in my back aching, stomach growling because I did not want to get up to eat. Now she is done, and I love her so much I can’t bare to sale her. You should check her out, she is named “This old town she aint what she used to be”.


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