pulling lines across space

Contact entelechy*, and all circuits are a go. Tune into it and another wonder of perspective is at hand.
– Jean Houston

I feel like I am working with string. This work is almost like needlepoint.  I am carefully pulling lines across space.

…still in progress. I have a long way to go. The casein on paper work is 60″ wide and 96″ inches in height.

She’ll be making her début in about nine months.

*entelechy [ɛnˈtɛlɪkɪ]
n pl -chies Metaphysics

1. (Philosophy) (in the philosophy of Aristotle) actuality as opposed to potentiality
2. (Philosophy) (in the system of Leibnitz) the soul or principle of perfection of an object or person; a monad or basic constituent
3.(Philosophy) something that contains or realizes a final cause, esp the vital force thought to direct the life of an organism

[from Late Latin entelechia, from Greek entelekheia, from en-2 + telos goal, completion + ekhein to have]

Carolyn Lavender, Mary Shindell and me had our exhibition proposal accepted by Mesa Arts Center.  We were notified a few weeks ago. Click on each of our names to see our website.

Our three person show will hang in the North gallery and will run from January 11 through May 5, 2013.
New show, new work (this new drawing), new media, and a new blog.

We have about a nine month gestation period.

2 thoughts on “pulling lines across space

  1. You can come to AZ for her debut. But maybe she’ll go to New Mexico or Texas…wouldn’t that be great.


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