superstition reveiw, issue 9 – lanch party

Six Senses

if the hand is to the eye a heart,
then touch was the root.

Above are the last two lines from the poem Zodiac of the Sunflower by John-Michael Bloomquist. He is a first year MFA candidate in Poetry at Arizona State University.

The image is my collage included in the magazine. After hearing John read his poem I say to him I particularly like the last two lines to which he responds, they’d originally been the title of the work.  I moved them to the end of the poem. It made me think of how I work a collage, moving things around until the composition feels right.

Ten artists are invited to have artwork published in Issue 9 of Superstition Review, the Online Literary Magazine at Arizona State University. Artist Carolyn Lavender and I attend the launch party which is held at Art Intersection, in Gilbert, AZ.

Poet Gregory Castle reading his work.

It’s a different sort of experience for me. I have my camera, and I hope to capture visuals*. To my suprise, it’s not really visual at all.

While poets Gregory Castle (above) and John-Michael Bloomquist (below) read their poetry, I find myself closing my eyes, to really listen. In drawing class, I continuously remind my students to look closely and see. Now, I listen closely to hear.

Poet John-Michael Bloomquist reading his work.

Founding editor Patricia Colleen Murphy begins the main presentation. She speaks about the magazine, and introduces her staff. She allows us only a glimpse of the incredible work they do.  At one point she tells of the excitement one of the young ASU editors experiences as she interviews seasoned writer Sandra Cisneros.  I enjoy hearing the story as I’d read the personal interview earlier in the day. It had left an impression.

Patricia invites several of her editors to speak of their favorite project. I particularly appreciate hearing familiar words like depth, line and texture, to describe writing.

Carolyn Lavender talks about her work, The Wood , Preservation (on the screen).

Carolyn shares some words about her artwork. And then I follow. I don’t recall if I noted that words, phrases, and books influence so much of my work

I talk about the artwork Nothing is in Stasis.

I feel honored sitting among many wonderful wordsmiths. It’s a unique experience and a great peek into another one of the creative arts. Thank you Patricia and Superstition Magazine, for the opportunity.

Click on the photograph ↑ to read poems or see artwork.

Click to see  → Superstition Review. the Online Literary Magazine at Arizona Statue University

* all photos borrowed from →  Superstition Review’s Facebook.

As I prepare to upload this post, I remember that soon after arriving to the launch gathering, Carolyn and I head into two galleries where photographs are displayed. Twenty minutes or more may have passed since we’d left the group in the foyer. Patricia wonders in looking for us. Are you okay? We’d been gone a long time apparently. I smile, because of course it would only be natural to find us in the gallery. I’d been wondering why the entire group wasn’t in there looking at the art yet.

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