a frivolous post, or maybe it’s just easy

No pattern should be without some sort of meaning.

William Morris

This might be the most frivolous post I put together. Frivolous as in carefree and not serious. Except the labor is not so carefree, I’m very particular about the detail…sigh.

Today I finally finished painting a skirt with this Talavera design.  A few weeks ago I went out to buy something to wear for a friend’s wedding celebration. I found lots of things, but nothing I actually wanted to wear.  I returned home, pulled out a practically new black skirt and…well…decided to put paint on it. I took out my Talavera dinnerware (a set for special occasions), laid it out on my drawing table, and began organizing some of the particular patterns and colors onto the material.  Ahhh…so much work.  I’ll never do it again. Okay, I might. But not anytime soon.

I’d thought of doing this back when I made the plaster torso with Talavera pattern, for Force.

I might be able to say Jean-Michel Basquiat inspires me a little. I remember years ago watching the video SAMO, and learning that if something didn’t move, if it held still long enough…Basquiat said he would put paint on it. I’ve painted shoes throughout the years since watching that video.

I know people go crazy for shoes,  I don’t. I don’t like buying them, and I don’t like wearing them. But should I come across a comfortable pair, I get them and…put paint on them, and then … why not wear them.

Above, my first pair of painted shoes. Pre-paint, they were the ugliest shoes I ever owned. So comfortable. They’re in bad shape now. I wore them for years. The design on shoe idea carries a double meaning here. The Namaste symbol connects me to the person standing in front of me. Unless I want to get away from them, in which case… I walk away.

A few years ago I visited France. I painted these shoes for the trip. I wanted something I could walk in that was a little versatile and had French appeal. Oh brother.

The symbols on the shoes are actually grounding symbols as it was my first trip across an ocean.

Ode to Gustav Klimt.  I’d never appreciated his paintings until a visit to Vienna where I saw an exhibit of years of his work and its evolution.  In person all that metallic pattern is pretty wonderful. On a side note … I recall being surprised his early compositions were so very traditional.

This pair is earth toned, again for grounding. They support activity … lots of it last year.

My Talavera shoes. Mexican folk art. Bright. Easy.

Yeah…maybe there is something to Jean Michel’s activity that if it stays still long enough –  put paint on it. And along with William Morris, whom I quote at the start of this post … a little meaning – can’t hurt.

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