a video – nothing is ever really in stasis

Planning out a three person show for January of 2013.  Mesa Contemporary Arts Center will host Carolyn Lavender, Mary Shindell and myself in our second round of working together.  We’re tossing ideas for a title.  Right now it’s Works.  Simple title, but it probably won’t work for practical reasons.

We proposed art (drawing, painting, sculpture), a blog to document the experience, and video.

I’ve played with video for a while. I finally pulled something together I felt I could publish to You-Tube.  It’s like being a freshman all over again, feeling the uncertainty and excitement of learning something new.

The idea is for the video to run during exhibition. I keep this in mind as I experiment. I never show the viewer the full artwork, it will be there for one to see in person.  I start with 5 minutes of process, and then about 3 minutes of details of the completed artwork which is very large and hard to photograph. It creates interesting visuals in small parts. I’m also messing with sound which I have interest in and have incorporated into a couple of solo shows already.

The first few seconds of the video you hear background live and true to the moment radio which is running an interview about Christians and Muslims and at the end you hear something more lighthearted about hugging a cat.  I dub sound into the middle of the video – artist and musician Joe Willie Smith and myself pulled this together a few years back. It’s supposed to be visceral…noise. It adopted a primitive tone. At the moment I’m thinking I want more visceral. And a bit lower. Will see. It’s enough of a start  to get my mind focused on the idea of video.

I recently saw a video on artist Kiki Smith. She commented that when an artist feels a need to do something, they should do it … themselves. In her case, it was a book.  In my case, maybe its this video.

Feel free to comment, as I have so much to learn. The video is titled same as the artwork, Nothing In Stasis.

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