no woman is an island…cont’d.

I think the pieces Keri and I did were ahead of their time. I just wanted to give them a place for people to continue to see our work, while supporting all the great artists we have worked with.
– Brian McHugh talking about early Phoenix productions he’s re-edited.

If I’ve not mentioned it lately, the no woman is an island posts are always about those who support my work. I’m fortunate they continue.

Here’s Brian McHugh…

I am sole owner/employee of the vast corporation known as MOJOVIDEO Productions. I am an army of one, Brian McHugh states with candid humor. He describes himself as a freelance non-linear video editor and camera operator.  Currently he’s based in Nashville, Tennessee.

Once upon a time Brian and his wife, Keri Jhaveri, lived in Phoenix.

Keri called me one afternoon, all those years ago, to see if I’d be interested in letting them drop into my studio and film me working. The footage would become part of a successful project Brian had created called  Sunday Morning Artist Series. Being familiar with the segment that ran on a local station, I agreed.

They arrived to my studio the following week. Keri remained off camera and asked a list of prepared questions which I answered, while Brian filmed. I experienced them as a fine balance of creative and professional.

Before leaving the studio that day, Keri purchased a small sketch called Prudence. Somehow that little drawing resembled her, in content and in form….truly. We planned to go to a little eating dive that served excellent huevos con chorizo (for dinner). That sealed the friendship.

In all seriousness Brian’s busy life includes working in broadcast television for over ten years producing, shooting and editing news, independent film and documentaries.

Here’s a new version of the video he made about my work and work process. Below it are links to visit if you want to know more about MojoVideoProduction and Brian McHugh.

Phoenix Artist Monica Aissa Martinez from Brian McHugh on Vimeo.

More about  Brian Mchugh ← click on his name. There are a couple of the original Sunday Morning Artist Series (including mine).

To see other artist videos and newer projects → Brian McHugh Vimeo
Brian wants you to feel free to post comments and “like” them … so do that.

This re-edit is a surprise. Thanks much Brian. Say hey to Keri.

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