mary shindell drops in

Mary comes by my studio Friday. We planned the visit early in June.  She has questions ready and begins shooting with her camera the minute she walks in.  I’ll admit, I’m a little startled.  She takes control, or maybe I give up control.  Either way it’s a good thing.

I love this photo she takes. It’s my space. I do get a laugh out of the fact that I am wearing a dress that coordinates so well with the paintings.  Serendipity amuses.

Thanks Mary. My favorite line is the last one in the posting.

studio photo by mary shindell

Mary’s post starts …

I am in Monica’s sacred space, her studio. It is a hot June day and we talk about the summer in Phoenix and how it is such a good time to be in the studio. There is first of all the light and then the air conditioning. I literally get down on my knees to photograph the piece she is working on today. It is a painting of a male torso, she has previously finished the female torso and I look at both. I want to know how she builds the painting. The richness in the painted surface is what she uses to build the form.

Click to see the complete Formal and Informal post.

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