landscapes and portraits

I gave out two difficult assignments this round. The students worked outdoors and drew  directly from nature for the class assignment, and for homework I asked them to draw a self-portrait. They were dealing with structure, texture, and depth.

The class was outside 4 days. I heard about how things had drooped, grown and changed. I heard about the wind, and the bugs. It’s part of the experience –  they handled it well, including the Phoenix heat, which is no joke. It was October, and the days they were outside were in the 90’s.









Self – Portraits

This is a difficult assignment and not everyone is ready for critique. But those that are talk about the process. For some, it was their first try at a self – portrait. As usual some say they’ll never do one again.  Never say never …

The criteria

  • They can’t use a photo.
  • They must work life-size or larger.
  • They communicate something about themselves in the image.
  • Any medium.

Melissa (marker)

Joselynn (graphite)

Alejandra (marker)

Isi (ball point pen)

Manny (charcoal)

Sam (charcoal)

Kyle (marker)

Sabrina (charcoal and color pastel)

Aaron (marker)

The portrait I do best is of the person I know best. – Nadar

2 thoughts on “landscapes and portraits

  1. Monica, it is hard to imagine your students getting better every year but somehow they seem to. The current crop is fantastic. You teach them to see and the view is terrific!


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